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    Get a Sneak Peek at an epic Urban Fantasy romance

    Download a free eight chapter excerpt from Confessions of a Shapeshifter this Saturday Sunday, August 10th August 11th and Monday, August 12th.


    Confessions of a Shapeshifter ebook cover



    A Victorian Era Vampire and a newly turned Werewolf search for the kidnapped Djinn they both love, in Confessions of a Shapeshifter



    From the excerpt:

    Devastatingly handsome, sexy as hell. A chick magnet, and he was hanging out at her restaurant. Thank you God.  But he was scowling at her when he spoke. “Where were you yesterday?”

    She wanted to say Excuse me? That’s none of your damn business. But she didn’t. That kind of courage wasn’t in her. Plus she needed this job. So she just smiled and shrugged her shoulders, pulling out her waitress pad to take his order.

    He’d seen the flash of hurt in her eyes when he questioned her, so Julian’s tone was softer this time. “I was worried about you, so I made inquiries. They said you took the day off. Is everything well at home?”

    “Um hum.”

    What kind of answer was that? Julian sat upright, a huffy expression now on his face. He toyed with the eating ware that had been placed on the table. It was stainless steel, not the pure silver he was used to.

    “Not to your liking M’lord?” she asked, smiling even broader at his pained expression.

    Her god awful cockney accent, even in jest produced a deeper frown this time. “Aria, really, you must learn-” he began, as if about to give a student a stern lecture. He stopped in mid-sentence, realizing he was doing it again. Sounding too authoritarian. He shifted in his chair and his voice dropped to a whisper. “I’ll…I’ll just have coffee please. Espresso.”

    Okay. Cool. She could work with that. Except…  “Don’t you ever get hungry? I mean, you sit here all day but you never order any food.”

    “Would you like me to?”

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    Next week is Paranormal Week!

    Next week two paranormal romances will be released.  Sorry, editing (or what I like to call “don’t release it to the public even after the 20th edit) is compulsive for me. I’m never satisfied. So I’m tentatively looking at sometime next week to release this book. Unfortunately that throws off the other releases.


    First up is RAZHER, a Young Adult Paranormal ebook:


    Alpha Girls Series Book One: RAZHER


    Her book will be released on Wednesday, June 20th.


    An adult paranormal ebook will be released on Friday, June 22nd  TBA. This book is EPIC. It’s over 100,000 words and a djinn is the main character. However, that fine werewolf Andre Santana’s origins are revealed in this book. If I had a wish list regarding who would play the main characters in a movie, I’d like Michael Fassbender (lovesick Victorian Era Vampire in a modern world), Paula Patton (as the female djinn he searches for) and Lee Thompson Young as Andre Santana (a newly turned “lone Wolf” who teams up with the vampire).


    Michael Fassbender



    Paula Patton



    Lee Thompson Young



    There are three epic novels coming out this summer. The Queen of Comedy, this adult paranormal and a scifi novel.